The Tarpon Genetic Recapture Study by the FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute most recent report – the numbers of tarpon sampled were broken down by three regions: East, West and the Keys. The East coast of Florida reported 591 tarpon sampled. The Keys reported 982 tarpon sampled. The West coast of Florida reported 2,130 tarpon sampled. The report then highlighted each county in the state of Florida which had returned tarpon samples. I was impressed when looking at the numbers of tarpon reported in Lee and Charlotte counties. Together they had 1,281 out of 2,130 for the whole west coast of Florida. In othr words, 60% of all tarpon sampled on the west coast of Florida in 2013 were caught in Lee and Charlotte county waters. No wonder, I love tarpon fishing. I often say to anglers that they will get more shots at tarpon here than any other place in Florida including the Keys.

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