I’ve been anticipating our resident tarpon showing up in the back bays; and, I’m pleased to let you know “THEY ARE HERE!” The past couple of weeks, the air temps are in the low to mid eighties and the water temps are hovering at 74-76 degrees. Perfect scenario for fly rodders casting to laid-up tarpon.

My fly rodders have been getting plenty of casts; however, no “eats” yet as we have also been dealing with a little bit of wind. As the wind lessens, I’m sure we’ll be hooking up and seeing tarpon flying in the air. Based on the number of tarpon which passed through this area in October heading south, I’m expecting some outstanding tarpon fishing during May and June as they migrate north. Don’t hesitate; NOW is the time to book your tarpon charter.

On the snook front, we’re catching and releasing decent size fish up to 30 inches. Casting to others as long as your leg – they seem to be quite snooty. But, when you do get one of those big mamas to eat, it’s “Katy bar the door.” With our water being so clear, I’ve been finding some redfish both cruising and tailing – classic fly fishing.

The water quality issues we dealt with are gone – not a trace. The beaches have beautiful clear water which families are truly enjoying. The only smell you run into is that of sunscreen and coconut oil. The bird life is thriving, the dolphins are frolicking and the manatees make for some great photo opportunities.

Also, I have been told from some of our shelling friends, there are days when the shelling is “off the charts!” Apparently, the red tide affected the sea shells, causing their4 demise, and when they wash onto the beach they are perfect specimens.

Give me a call (239-472-3308) – LET’S GO FISHING!


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